What to do before you sell, give away, or trade in your iPhone or iPad

What to do before you sell iphone

Preparing the device for transfer does not involve anything complicated. But you should not forget about it for the purpose of security and preservation of your personal and confidential data.

If you sell your device, it will fall into the wrong hands. This also applies to exchanges. Store employees must accept your device for exchange and clean it. But at this stage, the information already falls into the wrong hands, which is unacceptable. If you decide to give your device as a gift or give it to a loved one, you still need to do the cleaning. This is related to your device profile and connected services.

When you use the device, you put personal information, bank and card information, and passwords on it. In this case, you need to erase all data from the device.

Don’t delete all your information the usual way. Clicking send to “trash” means you lose that data forever. There is a possibility that they will not be able to be returned. Therefore, do this procedure correctly.

The process of completely migrating the device from user information

If you have another Apple device, you can use a special function to transfer information from one device to another. To do this, you need to select the corresponding function in the settings menu on both devices.

When you activate this function on your old device, you must select “Prepare data for transfer to another device”. After that, you need to take the device that you will use in the future. Find “Quick Start” on the second device, and the system will automatically prepare for reception. This can be done if you decide to sell used iphone 14 and even older models.

Next, follow the instructions that will be displayed on the devices. The system itself will tell you what the next step will be. The whole procedure takes no more than half an hour.

It is important to know that you must install the same SIM card on the new device as on the previous one. If you plan to use a different phone number, do the following:Before you start the migration, go to your personal data and specify in the “additional number” line the one that will be on the new device.

Once the data has been migrated, the system will prompt you to delete all information from the old one.

You do not currently have another device to transfer information

If you intend to transfer or sell your old device now and get a new one later, then proceed as follows. If you no longer have your iPhone or iPad, go to iCloud and create a restore point or backup. This will make a complete copy of all your information and save it to cloud storage.

After the same service, clean the phone that you have in your hands now. To understand How to remove iCloud from iPhone, use the step-by-step instructions on the official website or the tips on the phone.

You will be able to retrieve all your data through the recovery system once you activate your account on your new device.

Information exchange between devices with different operating systems

In a situation where you are switching devices that have different operating systems, there is no problem here either. On one of the devices, you have an account and a service provider. Use the services of your provider to back up to cloud storage. Afterward, find the full wipe feature in the settings. When you activate your account on another device, you will be able to get your data back. You can transfer information to your new device, even if they are different systems.

The device has been transferred, but the data has not been erased

No panic, you will do it in a few minutes. You need to take any other device you trust. On that device, log in to your account and use the Device Finder or Locator service. This way, you’ll know where your device is now, and you’ll also wipe all the data from your old device with one click. The wipe includes personal data, programs, passwords, and usage history.

Details requiring attention

In addition to the main points that are more common among users, there are additional things to consider.

Electronic SIM card

Many users use the service of an additional card, the so-called e-sim. Such a card subscribes to a specific device, which must be deactivated. First, contact your cell phone service provider and inform them about disabling the service on the device that will be sold. The operator will give instructions on how to proceed. Most likely, there will be a need for the user to disable an additional tariff plan. This is done in the device settings in the appropriate section.

Compact transfer of information

By using the transfer function, users can reduce this time. If you use an iPhone, you probably know that you can redownload an application. This way, the app takes up little memory space, but all the data will be saved. Do this for apps so that data transfer is reduced.

Disconnect external devices

Who doesn’t use headphones or smartwatches today? If headphones are just a device for transmitting sound, watches are more complicated. They can store bank card data and other things. There is also a small piece on the phone to connect these devices. There may be sensitive information in this file. Remove all devices from the list. The phone system will automatically clear all such fragments.

Device in a trusted circle

Using the device in a home or work environment creates a trusted communication channel with other devices. Remember to remove the phone from the devices that will be sold. This communication can be with your computer or your car. The world of information technology is unpredictable. Take care of it.

Simple steps to a secure transaction

Phones become our friends because they know the most about us. No one wants your friend to divulge information about you to third parties. So study the instructions, go through all the recommended steps, and check the device for any information. Check everything again, and only then put it in the wrong hands.