Stay in the loop with Microsoft Loop

stay in the loop with microsoft loop

With so many Microsoft products and services available, and with many of them doing similar things but in different ways, it can be easy to be out of the loop when your team is working on multiple projects. This is especially true when everyone has a preferred method of planning, creating or editing whether it be by email, Teams chat or meeting.

As a solution to this Microsoft announced in late 2021 their software called Microsoft Loop. All the initial development is coming to an end and officially, it will be the ultimate online collaboration platform from the company to date. Microsoft Loop isn’t another piece of software to create or edit on superficially. The platform aims to bring together teams of people and their content and tasks from across their preferred tools and devices to one space and ensure that everything is in sync.

According to TechQuarters who are expert providers of IT Support Services in London, Microsoft Loop is an ambitious project for Microsoft but one that can provide a whole new world of integrated collaboration across all software and products for any business.

Microsoft Loop consists of shared workspaces, pages and Loop components which are portable content snippets. These Loop components can be embedded and shared in multiple Microsoft 365 apps and provide a variety of uses.

These Loop components are really the star of the show for the software. What makes them so useful is the fact that they can be shared and updated by multiple collaborators and they will stay in sync no matter where they’re embedded. This means that one team member can edit a component on an Outlook email and another can edit it in a Teams chat but those changes will appear in both places at the same time.

But what even is a Loop component? A Loop component is a content snippet or portable text card that can take the form of task lists, tables, paragraphs, numbered lists and much more. At the moment these are generally available in Microsoft Outlook, Teams and Whiteboard. They are easy enough to set up that you won’t need a team from an IT Support Company to do it for you. One person can create the Loop component in one of the Microsoft 365 apps and then simply just copy and paste the link into another app to continue working on it.

While Loop components are great, they aren’t the only thing available with Microsoft Loop. As mentioned above, Microsoft Loop also consists of Loop Pages and Loop Workspaces. Loop Pages are essentially a more powerful version of OneNote Pages. These pages are where users can organize all the files, ideas and other data that is relevant for your team and project. Multiple Loop components can be added where teams can give feedback and reactions on any content or ideas.

And lastly, Loop Workspaces is a great central place where teams can create projects and all ideas, files and content can be gathered and organized here. You can then use Loop Pages inside these projects or “spaces” and further share any of the Loop components created in Loop Pages and Workspaces across Microsoft Teams, Outlook or even OneNote.

While Loop components have been available for some time, the Microsoft Loop App is now available but only in Public Preview. Microsoft 365 Consulting providers are urging businesses to give it a try. Microsoft Loops is ultimately just another development in the company’s mission to improve the level of collaboration we’re all striving for in a hybrid and remote workspace. Because even though we’re more online than ever we still want to be connected and share ideas and suggestions quickly and efficiently.