How wide is a standard bathtub?

standard bathtub

The bathroom is incredibly functional. This room is used for water procedures in the first place, so you can’t do without convenient plumbing. At the same time, the typical layout often does not allow the use of large bathrooms. Therefore, it is better to determine the bathtub dimensions in cm before you go shopping for plumbing. In this case, it will be possible not to worry about the fact that the product will not fit into the room or will interfere during its daily operation.

Small alcove baths

In the process of choosing a bathtub, buyers give preference to options that will provide comfort during water procedures. It is for this reason that small models are not very common. At the same time, many manufacturers offer to use such models by reading the current catalog. A small bathroom can be complemented by a shower cabin, which is an alternative solution. If a bathtub is required, then small structures for installation in a niche will be the best choice. They differ in the following dimensions:

  • length – 138 cm;
  • width – 76 cm;
  • height – 38 cm.

It is recommended to make a choice taking into account the height and configuration of each family member. Only in this case, small baths will allow you to feel comfortable when using.

Medium bathtubs

Most apartments or townhouses use standard-sized plumbing fixtures. Such products are designed taking into account the typical size of niches in the bathroom. At the same time, buyers are advised to additionally measure the place where the installation will be carried out so as not to make a mistake in their decision. Standard bathtub size:

  • length – 153 cm;
  • width – 82 cm;
  • height – 46 cm.

The medium-sized model is perfect even for rooms of non-standard shapes. You just need to figure out where it is better to install it.

Long bathtubs in the interior

This is the most difficult option in terms of installation. How wide is a standard bathtub? Its size is 82 centimeters. The minimum width of the large bathtub is 91 cm, which places higher demands on the area of the room where it will be installed. A large design is perfect for a tall person. Also, a long bath will be the best choice if you plan to take it together. A lot of buyers just love to feel free during the baths, for which large bathtubs are also ideal.

How long is a standard bathtub? It is only 153 cm. The long bath has a size of 182 cm, and its height is 51 cm or more. Choosing a similar option should be borne in mind that it is not universal. Most rooms are simply not designed for the installation of a long bath. Therefore, it is better to re-measure the site before ordering the product.

Built-in bathtubs and their dimensions

When choosing a design, you have to take into account the features of the place where it will be installed. For example, if a bathtub needs to fit in harmoniously with its surroundings, then a built-in model may be the best solution. It is closed on one or more sides by a wall, and other surfaces can be finished with materials that are used in the interior. There are also familiar panels that make it easier to embed. Also, these models are often used on ship decks or terraces. In this case, for installation, it will be necessary to provide a hole of a suitable size, into which the bath will be lowered.

If the room is medium in size, then such a bath is usually built into a niche. In this case, finishing is carried out only on one side, which reduces the cost of the process. If we are talking about a private house, then the bath can also be built directly into the floor. Large-sized rooms allow you to place the bath on a special pedestal, which remains open on all sides. Product dimensions are as follows:

  • length – up to 180 cm;
  • width – up to 76 cm;
  • height – up to 50 cm.

As you can see, the structure can only be placed in a spacious room. Built-in plumbing can be made in different styles, which expands the possible scope of its application.

Oval bathtubs and their dimensions

These designs are characterized by a high level of ergonomics. They are built-in or freestanding. Oval bathtubs remain spacious, providing comfortable bathing for a person with any body build. These bathtubs look great in medium-sized rooms, but can also complement spacious rooms. If we compare stand-alone and niche models, then the first ones turn out to be somewhat wider. Built-in bathtubs suggest the presence of a suitable finish that will harmoniously complement the design of an unusual shape. The proportions of such a bath will be as follows:

  • length – 152 cm;
  • width – 104 cm;
  • height – 61 cm.

The model is hardly suitable for a tiny room, as it takes up too much free space.

Hot tubs

To ensure maximum comfort during water procedures, products that use spa technologies allow. Such baths are becoming more and more popular, which is largely due to the reduction in their cost, as well as the minimization of size. There are dozens of options for hydromassage, which allows you to choose a solution for specific tasks. Some models allow you to simply saturate the water with oxygen and get bubbles, while others provide a rejuvenating and healing effect with regular use.

Thanks to the use of acrylic as the main structural component, it is possible to ensure a longer service life. These bathtubs can be up to 2 meters long or even more but are usually up to 178 cm long, 91 cm wide, and up to 60 cm high.

Freestanding clawfoot bathtub

These bathtubs are designed to make the space more stylish and luxurious. They are distinguished by an increased cost, as they are supplemented with various decorative elements, but the increased costs are fully justified by their attractive appearance. Dimensions are up to 185 cm long, 82 cm wide, and 51 cm high.