Btech in AI Placements: What to Expect and How to Prepare

B tech in AI Placements

One of the primary aspects behind choosing any course and profession is to land in better placement facets of the chosen industry.

As the statement is true, students have started their research on finding the best industries and courses for better placement and career. If not wrong, Artificial Intelligence will be surely on their list of best career industries.

The first step towards career and placement in the AI industry is BTech in AI at top BTech in AI colleges in India. But, is that enough?

Absolutely not. So, let us tell you how to prepare yourself for AI placement alongside your course, and also get to know what to expect after BTech in AI.

  Table of Contents:

    Glimpse into BTech in Artificial Intelligence course

    What to expect at BTech in AI placements?

    How to prepare for BTech in AI placements?



Glimpse into BTech in Artificial Intelligence Course:

Before striding through the preparation tips for placement with BTech in AI, it is important to know about BTech in AI at top AI and Machine Learning Colleges in India.

Here are the fundamental details of BTech in AI for you to know.

Course Name B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence
Course Description This course involves educating the fundamental knowledge on data extraction strategies, algorithms, methodologies, and incorporation of acquired data in developing automated systems and robotics using artificial intelligence.
Pursuing this course will install a strong foundation on the essential aspects of AI along with exposure to other related fields such as data science and machine learning.
Course Level Undergraduate level
Duration Four years
Mode Semester
Eligibility Criteria The essential eligibility criteria to pursue BTech Artificial Intelligence at the best AI engineering colleges in India are as follows:
Candidates should have completed 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as compulsory subjects and one optional science subject.
Candidates should have scored a minimum of 50% aggregate in 10+2.
Admission Process Admission to B.Tech AI is either merit-based or entrance-based.
Colleges providing merit-based admissions consider a 10+2 score.
Certain other colleges conduct entrance exams such as UBSAT and personal interviews to provide admission.
Average Fee Around INR 1,00,000/- per annum

With the idea of a BTech in AI course at any university in Mumbai or others, let us explore what you can expect in placements with this course.

What to expect at BTech in AI placements?

First of all, get to know about the Artificial Intelligence industry value before knowing about placement expectations.

With the latest trends such as ChatGPT, edge AI, Cybersecurity AI, and much more, the Artificial Intelligence industry is growing with a global market value of USD 136.55 billion in 2022.

Now, as a graduate of BTech in Artificial Intelligence you can look for the following career opportunities in various fields and some of them are as follows:

  • Healthcare
  • BFSI
  • Law
  • Retail
  • Advertising & Media
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Government Agencies
  • Gaming Industries

These industries extend the following career opportunities for BTech in AI graduates from leading BTech in AI colleges in India.

Job Roles Average Salary in India(INR) Average Salary Abroad(considered US/USD)
Computer Vision Engineer 6.9 LPA 120,847
Machine Learning Engineer 6.7 LPA 150,186
Big Data Architect 24 LPA 160,149
Business Intelligence Developer 6.3 LPA 100,635
Robotics Programmer 3.45 LPA 75,689
Software Engineer 6.94 LPA 108,807
Information and Multimedia Designer 3.5 LPA 56,792
Medical Information Scientist 5.0 LPA 103,784
Information Network Manager 7.88 LPA 85,892

Now, let us find out the preparation strategies for BTech in AI placements.

How to prepare for BTech in AI placements?

Here are some tips and strategies to prepare for BTech in AI placements.

Tip 1: Choose placement supportive college

The primary tip for a BTech in AI placement is to choose the right college that offers proper placement support at the end of the course.

Search for top AI and machine learning colleges in India that provide proper placement training and conduct placement drives for students’ welfare.

Tip 2: Develop Your Skills

Alongside the duration of your course, concentrate on developing the essential skills for BTech in AI placements.

Work on both technical skills such as programming, coding, computer architecture, etc, and soft skills such as communication skills, presentation skills, leadership skills, and conflict resolution skills, etc parallelly.

Tip 3: Take up extra certification courses

Parallel to your BTech in AI course at leading BTech in AI colleges in India, you can also take up extra certification courses in various facets of AI.

This will help you attract more hiring parties at your BTech in the AI placement phase.

Tip 4: Take up internships

Internships are the best learning source as they offer you the opportunity to learn your field in a real-time environment.

So take up internships at renowned companies and develop your profile and skills which will speak for you during your placements.

Tip 5: Stay updated

The field of AI is ever-developing and evolving with new technologies and inventions constantly invading the industry.

So, always keep yourself updated with the latest developments and innovations in the field of AI. This will help you clear interviews more easily and project you more worthy of any hiring company.

Following these five tips will surely be a great help in your BTech in the AI placement phase.


As a pressing note, you need to pursue a BTech in AI at top BTech in AI colleges in India and develop yourself in every aspect for a great career in the AI industry. So, start preparing now.


1) How to prepare for placement in BTech AI?

  • Choose the right college
  • Develop relevant skills
  • Get extra certifications
  • Take up internships
  • Stay updated

2) Can I get a job after BTech in Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, one can get a job for sure after BTech in AI as many top companies such as Wipro, Microsoft, Google, and many more are hiring AI graduates.

3) Is BTech in AI good for the future?

Yes, BTech in AI is good for the future as the AI industry is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 5.4% thus leading to great career scope.

4) What is the career opportunity with AI?

With AI, there are a wide range of career opportunities such as data analyst, big data architect, data scientist, robotics programmer, IT specialist, database administrator, etc.

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